Welcome to the Mollie and Scott band website!  You can often find us performing at the Los Altos venues.  If you are too close we will ask  you to join in with our singing!  We often will start some square dancing groups in front of us too so bring your kid, family and friends to enjoy music with us!

Here’s a quick bio of the band members:

Mollie Thompson

Mollie enjoys performing jazz from the great American songbook at private events and benefits, local senior centers, area schools and libraries. She performs George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berling and other great American composers and presents music history at elementary schools. Mollie performs in local musical theater productions and recently was in “Some Like it Hot” and played Agnes Gooch in “Mame.” Mollie has sung with many rock and jazz bands in San Francisco and on the Peninsula. Mollie along with Scott Vanderlip enjoys performing at community venues like the Westwind Barn and Hidden Villa, and Mollie and Scott recently directed “The Music Man” at Egan Junior High School.

Scott Vanderlip

Scott enjoys and shares his love of music in a variety of ways with the community. As a piano and guitar player, and vocalist, he performs locally for some seasonal and often kid related performances in the area. He has also helped to direct several local school and backyard musical productions and can be always found assisting the girl and boy scouts at senior homes for holiday concerts or other local events. For several years, he was a music docent for Music for Minors teaching K-3 students in LASD schools the love of music. He plays an eclectic set of music ranging from folk, pop, musicals, kids songs to those well known camp fire songs. Don’t stand too close or he might ask you to join the band in song!  You can bring the marsh-mellows for the campfire.



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